After taking almost a year and a half break from blogging to focus on my studies and to gain some much-valued work experience I have decided to start blogging again. This post is going to be a summary of what I have done since my last post and what I plan to be doing in the future.

My last post was on the 5th September 2014 titled ‘Speech and Language Therapy Research Work Experience Journal’ and detailed my time at the Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit (BSLTRU). Since then I have completed my second year of university and am now two-thirds of the way through my third (and final) year.

From the start of 2015 I took part in a volunteering programme at the Bristol Royal Infirmary as an outpatient Speech and Language Therapy volunteer. This involved meeting up with a person with acquired communication difficulties once a week and helping them to work towards ‘real-life’ goals such as ordering a drink in a loud cafe or helping them slow down their speech to aid coherence. I volunteered for the programme for about six months in total and learnt so much, varying from how the NHS works to learning specific strategies to help people with communication difficulties. The staff and members of BRI (North Bristol NHS Trust) were brilliant and helped me at every step they could, something for which I am very grateful.

For my second year of university I passed with a first and so progressed into my third year head-on. For my final year I am studying four modules: Gender, (Im)Politeness and Power in Language; Critical Discourse Analysis; The Sociolinguistics of Language Contact; and a Language Project (dissertation). I will be writing a separate blog post talking about these modules.

In November (2015) I applied for a place on the Masters Language and Linguistics programme at Lancaster University. I applied on the Friday and on the following Monday I received an email saying my application had been accepted and that I had been offered a place on the course. I firmly accepted the offer and will begin studies there October this year (2016). Lancaster’s linguistics department is world renowned for their Linguistics research and some of the biggest names in the world of linguistics teach there. The department specialises in corpus approaches to language as well as discourse studies.

That summarises my absence from blogging and I am going to try to post regularly (once a month) until I start my Masters degree.